"Touch Once" Technology Saves Time & Money

Put digital technology to work for your business. Stop struggling with hard copies of photos, videos, audio statements and documents.
Upload them right from your computer or mobile device to our system and you're done.


Easy to Use

The simplicity and intuitive design of CaseMaster™ mean your Clients and Staff will be using it in minutes. You get all the case management tools you need to do the job, presented logically and naturally.

Mobile Friendly

CaseMaster™ is as easy to use from your smartphone or tablet as from your computer. And, you can upload photos, videos audio statements directly from your mobile device.


CaseMaster™ customizes easily to match your business operation. It adjusts to give you exactly what you need - without compromises.


Pricing CaseMaster™ is inexpensive and you only pay for what you use.

  • No contract needed – cancel anytime.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • No charge for new version releases.
  • No hidden costs.
  • You only pay a low, flat rate per case.
  • Each case includes storage of your data and files at no extra charge.
  • Video and audio recordings are included at no extra charge.
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